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• What are Style Guides?

Style Guides are a tool provided by Amazon that helps give you guidance to create effective and accurate product detail pages. Style Guides are category dependent meaning they differ between Amazon categories so if you sell Sports Equipment, you will have a different style guide than a jewelry seller. Style guides include key information on title styles, brand and manufacture information, key product features, product descriptions, and most importantly in terms of our course, image requirements and restrictions. The style guides for each category will provide you with helpful examples about each topic and tips and tricks on what to do and things to avoid.

• Where to access Style Guides from Seller Central
– Go to the Seller Central Dashboard at
– Navigate to Inventory, then select “Add Products via Upload.”
– Make sure you have the “Download an inventory file” selected at the top.
– Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Inventory Files.”
– In the first row of the table, click on “Category-specific inventory files.”
– Scroll to the second table where you will see the second column that says “Style Guides.”
– Find your product’s category and click on the link in the Style Guide column.
– If you would like, you can download a PDF for your specific categories’ Style Guide.