The Ultimate Guide to Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content

All you need to know about how Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content can help you enhance your listings, showcase your brand’s uniqueness, and ultimately boost your conversion rates.

EBC Overview

Exclusively for Brand Registered Sellers, Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content is a tool aimed to enhance the presentation of your products. It is displayed on your listing page, replacing the product description and it provides you the opportunity to display key features and benefits of your product and brand via images, copy and soon, video! Think of it as a powerful one-page brochure which you can use to increase conversion rates and set your brand apart from the competition.

Enhanced Brand Content created for CravenSpeed by the Amazowl team
Enhanced Brand Content Course

In this comprehensive guide, we include a step by step guide (with images) to teach you how to start your EBC today. We weigh out the pros & cons of EBC and outline Amazon’s strict publishing limitations so you can get your content approved the first time around.

Why is it important to have EBC in your marketing arsenal and what are its limitations?

Enhance your Brand Story

  • Opportunity to get higher conversion rates. We believe that adding Enhanced Brand Content to your product listing may increase traffic to your page as well as increase conversion rates and sales. Disclaimer: EBC is still a new tool so there isn’t a lot of research to confirm this, but we’ve seen the difference it makes firsthand with the companies we work with.
  • Showcase the unique features of your products. Set your brand apart from your competitors by highlighting those special features that get customers clicking “Add to Cart.” With more space to add images and copy, EBC gives you a chance to get past the product description restrictions you’re limited to on your product listings.
  • Target your primary buyers. With EBC you have the opportunity to address your target audience’s wants, needs, and concerns. You can announce big design changes, add relevant technical drawings or infographics or soon, even upload instructional videos. We used EBC strategically so our clients and their customers can make the most out of it.
  • You pay nothing (for now). When you put it that way, why not give it a try? Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content, or EBC, is currently in a promotional period, so your brand can now share more content and communicate your brand story with potential customers at no cost.
  • You can make changes even after it’s live. If you have new assets or copy you’d like to add even after your page has been published, it’s easy to modify your EBC and make any necessary changes.
Enhanced Brand Content Course

What are EBC’s limitations?

  • You can only create one EBC Page at a time. Unfortunately, brands are only able to add one ASIN/SKU for each EBC, while A+ content, on the other hand, allows you to add as many as you need. However, Seller Central gives you the option to copy the content from the existing page, then resubmit.
  • You’re limited to 20 pending EBC submissions. After you submit, your EBC will be pending until someone on Amazon’s Seller Central team approves or rejects it. Brands are able to submit a maximum of 20 EBC submissions for approval at any given time.
  • Image size is restricted by Amazon. Image dimensions for EBC depend on which template you use. Each template has different image guidelines. While you can get away with using smaller images, you can’t add anything larger or you risk compromising your image resolution
    Example: for the main banner on Template 4, EBC allows a 970 x 600 image, but we use 970 X 300. Amazon adjusts the layout to conform accordingly.
  • No HTML allowed. Amazon’s EBC isn’t very open to customization. Its templates are more of a one size fits all, so expect to make a few adjustments to your brand images and copy to avoid getting your page rejected.

Besides these limitations, our client’s experience with Enhanced Brand Content is that the pros far outweigh the cons. If you ever had contact with Amazon’s platform, you are fully aware that Amazon can be a technical and publishing nightmare so, restrictions like image dimensions or non-HTML content are very liberal compared to other Amazon requirements. They can be overcome easily and in the capable hands of an experienced marketing team EBC will aid in conversions.

Amazon Brand Registry

As we mentioned before, Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content is reserved for Brand Registered Sellers. Before you can access Enhanced Brand Content, you’ll need to register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry 2.0. We are emphasizing Brand Registry 2.0 because if you had your brand registered before in Brand registry 1.0 it is now necessary to re-apply for Brand Registry 2.0. In any case, Brand Registry comes in handy even outside of EBC.

Advantages of Brand Registry:

  • Having a Trademark helps you protect your brand
  • The Brand Registry is being improved and Amazon is adding more ways to protect you as sellers from counterfeits and hijacking
  • We believe that Amazon is going to offer some unique features that will be exclusively available to brand registered companies
Enhanced Brand Content Course

Brand Registry Requirements:

  • Your brand name must have an active registered trademark in the country you sell your products.
  • You’ll need some clear images of your brand’s logo.
  • You must have images of your both products and their packaging with your trademarked brand name on them.
  • You have to create a list of categories that your products can be listed under.
  • Be sure to include the list of countries where your brand’s products are manufactured and distributed.
  • You’ll have to share the website for your brand as well as your product and brand images.
  • You’ll need to include the official email address for your brand/business.

EBC Quick Facts

  • EBC is for Brand Registered Sellers on Amazon
    Enhanced Brand Content is a tool for Brand Registered Sellers sellers with access to an Amazon Seller Central account. Vendors are given the option to add A+ content, but that’s a story for another post.
  • Review Process
    Once you’ve submitted your EBC, it can take up to 7 days to get approved by Amazon’s team.
  • Cost of EBC
    It’s currently free for Amazon sellers (for now) compared to A+ for vendors which is $600/listing.
  • Your product description will be hidden
    Enhanced Brand Content is intended to replace the product description section on your listing. Once your EBC goes live, your old description will be hidden.
  • EBC works in different marketplaces.
    Whether your products on Amazon are active in the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada, etc, your brand will have access to EBC.
  • Works for All Your Brands
    Multiple brands can be registered to a single 3P Seller Central account.
  • EBC isn’t indexed by Amazon’s search algorithm
    The content you create for your product listing won’t be useful for SEO purposes. However, our advertising team has found that the product description that EBC replaced is still indexed, despite it being hidden.
    Our advice? Don’t erase the description! It’s a clever trick that can optimize your keywords for Amazon’s search engine.
  • More features to come
    Since EBC is still in its early stages, we believe that we will see many changes and improvements very soon. The first of which is a video feature that’s currently in beta mode. On August 30, 2017, Amazon invited a few select users to test it out before it’s released to everyone. We expect to see it as a regular feature in the upcoming weeks!

EBC Content requirements and restrictions

Here are some best practices to have in mind when building your EBCs.

Organize your content into logical chunks.
Everything in nature has its rhythm. The same principle applies to design. You want to plan out a logical flow for your EBC. For example, you might want to keep a more general presentation in the upper part of the EBC and finish with detail-heavy content about your product at the bottom.

Enhanced Brand Content Course

Make use of the limited space
Think about your EBC as a 1-page pamphlet or a flyer presentation. Like every 1-pager, there is limited space, so you have to prioritize what details to include.

What would my customer want to know about this product?
This is a fail-safe question you should ask yourself when laying-out your EBC. A good idea is to look through some of your existing customer questions, comments, and reviews. Pay attention to what your satisfied customers are saying about your product and address the issues your dissatisfied customers are complaining about.

Seek others for inspiration
We are not advising to copy your competitors’ EBC or A+ content, but you sure can look for some inspiration from them. Maybe they have a creative way of photographing their products, or maybe there is something about the style of their copy that might apply to your product as well. Regardless of the inspiration you get, do always remember to keep your communication authentic and true to your brand.

Quality, quality, quality
It doesn’t matter if you sell toothpicks or a high-end cosmetics line. We as customers always want to get the best-quality products we can afford. That is why you want your EBC to reflect a sense of high quality. It is always a good idea to invest in good product photos. You might pay more for them, but you can put them to use as your primary product images for your listings as well as your other online shops. Secondly, find a good design agency. Remember that design doesn’t always have to be expensive. Bad design can also come from renowned agencies, so choose the team that understands you and your brand’s needs.

Some image guidelines*

In our experience, EBC deals well with the presentation of  JPEG and PNG files. The images don’t get compressed much by Amazon’s algorithm, so your images will look almost the same as you exported them from Photoshop or Illustrator.

As you know, EBC allows you to chose from 5 design templates. Following are the image requirements for each template:

TemplateImage GuidelinesText Placements
18 images – maximum size 300 x 650 pixels each4 additional text placements
21 header image – maximum size 970 x 600 pixels8 images – maximum size 300 x 650 pixels each4 additional text placements
32 images – maximum size 970 x 600 pixels each2 additional text placements
41 header image – maximum size 970 x 600 pixels5 images – maximum size 300 x 300 pixels each6 additional text placements
51 large image – maximum size 970 x 1300 pixels1 additional text placement

Don’t break the following Amazon Rules:*

Amazon has specific terms and policies regarding types of content that may be allowed so please review the following list carefully. Not following these guidelines could result in violations and may lead to a rejection by Amazon’s system:

  • Referencing your company as a seller or distributor, or providing any company contact information
  • Mention of competitors’ products or seller authorization such as “product only sold by authorized resellers”
  • Pricing or promotion information such as “cheapest widget on Amazon”
  • Information about shipping details such as “free shipping” or “shipping timelines”
  • Use of copyright, trademark, or registered symbols associated with third-party logos, anywhere in your text. Trademark and registered logos can only be added to your own brand logo.
  • Boastful comments such as “top selling product,” “hottest product,” or “#1 selling product”
  • Time-sensitive product information, such as “on sale now” or “best new product of the year”
  • Information about customer reviews from Amazon or any other site
  • Adding editorial or third-party quotes from external sources such as magazines and television shows
  • Blurry or low-quality images or images containing unreadable text
  • Lifestyle images not showing the product. (Brand images used to tell the “Brand Story” are not required to contain the product.)
  • Content that duplicates many of the images from the main image block on the detail page
  • Any warranties or guarantees of any form
  • Images or text that attempt to mimic Amazon logos, detail page headings, or details
  • Logos from brands or organizations other than your own or multiple brand logos on an image
  • Web links or language attempting to redirect to other sites inside or outside of Amazon (including your other products)
  • Grammatical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, strings of all-caps text, or abusing font features. Bold and italic formatting are only intended to be used to highlight headings or a few select words.
  • Any mention of products being used for criminal activity
  • Any violations to category requirements or Selling on Amazon policies

*Source: Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) FAQ

Step by step process of EBC

Step by step process of EBC

Step 1. Make sure your brand is registered with Amazon Brand Registry.

Step 2. Log into and press on the tab named “Inventory.” You’ll find a drop down menu where you’ll then click “Manage Inventory.”
There, you can find which product you want to create EBC for. Locate the SKU and copy it. You’re going to need it for the next step.   

Step 3. Now click on the tab marked “Advertising.” Once you’re a brand registered user, you’ll find a newly available tab in this drop down menu called “Enhanced Brand Content.”

Step 4. As soon as you’re on the EBC page, you’ll want to enter the SKU where it says “Create an Enhanced Brand Content Detail Page.” Next, press “Get Started.”

Enhanced Brand Content Course

Step 5. Now you can select your desired template. Amazon currently has a selection of 5 different templates. Template 1 has the most room for copy while Template 5 has the most visual impact. Our personal favorite is Template 4 which has a healthy mix of one main 970 x 600 banner, and 5 smaller 300 x 300 images and space for copy in between.  

Step 6. Add your content! Gather up your favorite high quality images and create some convincing copy with attractive product features for your EBC page! This is your chance to highlight unique benefits from a new perspective.

Step 7. Preview your EBC & Submit! Click on the preview option to get a sense of what your EBC will look like on your product listing. Make sure it doesn’t violate any of Amazon’s restrictions (link to restrictions here) and click submit! It might take up to one week, so be patient. Once it’s approved, you’ll see the EBC live on your listing.

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