The Extensive Guide to FBA Small and Light



If you have a long enough experience selling on Amazon, you know getting the competitive edge on shipping costs is wonderful. But getting an edge via FBA programs that your competitors aren’t taking advantage of, is way better.

The Amazon FBA small and light, for instance, is an excellent way to take a step ahead of your competitors and boost sales. So in this piece we’ll cover all there is to know about the FBA Small and Light and if it’s a great fit for you.

What is FBA Small and Light?



FBA Small and Light is an Amazon initiative that offers an opportunity for Amazon vendors with small and lightweight items to provide fast and free shipping, with the Prime badge right beside their listings.

The FBA Small and Light serves as a solution to the Amazon add-on item nightmare as well.

Why Use FBA Small and Light?

If you sell an item that is small and lightweight for $7 or lower, the FBA Small and Light program will allow you to gain higher margins than what you’d receive if you’re using the standard FBA program.

This is because Amazon seller central vendors, besides being able to provide fast and free shipping, enjoy increased profit margins gained from breaks on shipping when in the Small and Light program.

Plus, if you have been fulfilling orders yourself you can expect to see even higher profits after enrolling in the program, thanks to the cost-savings and efficiency that it offers.

You can also offer free shipping to customers in the United States who aren’t Prime members, using FBA Small and Light. And since your program appears as Prime eligible, your products become visible to Amazon’s most active and loyal customers (Prime members).

What are the Benefits of FBA Small and Light?

  • You can fulfill the same item via FBA Small and Light and the standard FBA fulfillment option. However, fulfillment through the standard FBA and Small and Light requires different in-bounding processes.
  • Non-prime members get free shipping in 6 to 8 days without minimum order requirements and have the option to upgrade to 4 to 5 days shipping for just $0.99.
  • All FBA Small and Light products are eligible for free shipping in 4 to 5 days but not the Prime 2-day shipping option.
  • Improved Amazon SEO (your items become visible to prime customers)
  • High Amazon Sales Rank because of increased sales velocity

FBA Small and Light Seller and Product Qualifications

The FBA Small and Light program is available only to sellers and products that satisfy certain criteria and are approved by Amazon. Once you are eligible, you can submit ASINs you want to enroll in the program for approval.

Checklist to qualify for Amazon Small and Light

To take part in this program you need to be currently enrolled in FBA without Premium Placement enabled. With that said, here are the specifications of products eligible for FBA Small and Light:

  • Size: 16 × 9 × 4 inches or lower
  • FBA Inventory: When you’re sending your inventory to Amazon, they have a set minimum quantity of 24 units per item.
  • Price: $7 or lower
  • Weight: 10 oz or lower
  • Which products and sellers are ineligible for the Amazon Small and Light program

Which products and sellers are ineligible for the Amazon Small and Light program

  • Hazmat products
  • Items not in “new” condition
  • Adult products
  • Temperature-sensitive items
  • Slow Movers; ASINs that have been listed on Amazon for over 90 days and are expected to sell in the coming 4 weeks or have sold in the previous 4 weeks less than 25 units
  • Current FBA items using manufacturer barcodes (commingled products) for tracking, not Amazon barcodes
  • Any item with package dimensions higher than 16 × 9 × 4 inches or weight over 10 oz
  • Crushable products, such as potato chips and glass, are eligible as long as they are properly packaged

Packaging requirements and shipment prep for FBA Small and Light

The packaging requirements for FBA Small and Light are similar to the standard FBA prep requirements, but there are some obvious differences:

  • Each outer case, shrink-wrapped bundle, or bag must have a label with the overall quantity of sellable units
  • The same ASIN units must be bundled together in manufacturer/seller case-packs, or clear plastic bags
  • You must send each shipment with a minimum of 24 units per SKU
  • The Small and Light program uses only jiffy bags and poly bags. Crushable items like glass and potato chips need to be properly packaged and fitted so they don’t get crushed or broken during shipping. Amazon will not receive any crushed or broken items at the Small and Light fulfillment center. The broken items will be removed and disposed of at your cost
  • Shipment must not contain hazmat items that are crushable, meltable, or temperature-sensitive
  • If applicable, pallets should be front-loaded and single-stacked with nothing more than 22 skids per trailer.
  • The shipping box must not exceed 25 inches on all sides, and should not weigh over 50 Ib
  • All units must be individually stickered if they have no scannable barcode (EAN/UPC/FNSKU) or if the barcode is used for more than ASIN

FBA Small and Light fees

The FBA Small and Light fees differ from the standard FBA fees, as your Small and Light margin improves for single orders with over 1 unit sold. So the program works a lot more for you; in terms of cost savings, if your brand sells small items in large quantities per individual order.

To get a clear picture of the improved margins and potential cost-savings you may experience with FBA Small and Light, here is a run-through of the standard FBA fees versus FBA Small and Light.

Source (Seller Central login required)

Right off the bat, it’s obvious that the FBA Small and Light fees can save brands significant cash. For instance, with parcels, the per-unit cost savings compared to the standard FBA fees could be up to $0.72, or up to $1.32 for flat packages.

Concerning the cost of self-fulfillment, you are even likely to see higher profit margins, not even taking into account the bonus of offering your customers free shipping.

Amazon FBA Small and Light initiative not only includes lower fees but the fees are structured in such a way that if the customer purchases more than one unit of your product in one order, the potential of monetary savings increases.

Here’s an example:

Source (Seller Central login required)

Keep in mind that certain Small and Light items that cost $5 or less and belong to the consumables section (Health & Personal Care, Baby (not apparel), Grocery, Beauty) are eligible for a 5% discount when a customer purchases 2 or more units of the same product. FBA will cover the discount costs.

This discount doesn’t affect what you’ll be paid for your products, and the discount will not show up on your payment reports. You need not do anything to receive the discounts.

Why should you double-check the fees

There are occasions where you may notice discrepancies in the fees you expect to see in your account versus the actual FBA Small and Light fees your are charged. There are several reasons this may happen. Common reasons are because your you have submitted the incorrect dimensions or weight for your product. The difference could also be caused by an error in Amazon’s system. Regardless of the reason; if you do notice an FBA Small and Light fee error you should contact support immediately who will follow up with questions and investigate the issue.

If you’re able to prove that the fees are incorrect, Amazon will reimburse you. At Amazowl our operations team come across this issue a great deal when clients enroll in the program and make what seems like a small error i.e. lower weight of their product submitted – these small discrepancies quickly add up and impact your bottom line.

How to Enroll in FBA Small and Light

Before enrolling your items in FBA Small and Light ensure that they satisfy the required criteria as we’ve already seen. Once you’re certain that your products satisfy Amazon’s Small and Light program’s requirements you can begin enrollment.

First Step: Enroll in FBA

Whether you’re a brand new seller or you’re already selling on Amazon as self-fulfilled, before enrolling in FBA Small and Light you must be enrolled in FBA.

Second Step: Chose the Products You Want to be Enrolled in FBA Small and Light

If you intend to sell your items only through FBA Small and Light, you just need to modify your offer but if you want to sell your products via multiple means (self-fulfillment, FBA Small and Light as well as the standard FBA) then you must start a new offer.

Third Step: Enroll Your Offers in Small and Light

Just follow the steps listed in Amazon’s FBA Small and Light enrollment guide to send in your offers for approval in the program.

Last Step: Ship Your Inventory

Prep your inventory per FBA Small and Light prep requirements and then ship to Amazon’s Small and Light fulfillment center.

Can you change your current inventory to FBA Small and Light

Regarding your inventory that’s currently in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, you cannot change them to FBA Small and Light. But here’s what you can do:

  1. Change your listings to FBA Small and Light before sending in your inventory
  2. Then proceed to send your inventory in as normal

How to fulfill through Amazon FBA Small and Light

  1. Go to Manage Inventory in Seller Central
  2. Next to Edit, click on the up and down arrow symbols on the right side of your listing and select Copy Listing (You’ll see two listings of the same item, one dedicated to Amazon FBA Fulfillment or Merchant Fulfillment and one dedicated to FBA Small and Light. Both will have different FNSKUs).
  3. Change your listing to FBA Small and Light
  4. Submit your inventory

Tips on getting the most from FBA Small and Light

To make the most out of Amazon’s FBA Small and Light program here are a few tips you’d want to follow for success:

Properly manage your inventory (Do not run out of stock!)

The fastest way to see your sales volumes plummet is by running out of stock. When this happens, most sellers rarely bounce back because their customers would have found replacements. Plus, sizable profit on the FBA Small and Light program is all about your sales volume.

Ensure you use a smart inventory system and the Seller Central Replenishment alerts to your full advantage to prevent running out of stock.

Competitive pricing

As with any other item you sell on Amazon, competitive pricing is necessary to get the highest sales volume possible and the FBA Small and Light program isn’t any different. So monitor your competitors and regularly evaluate your pricing to stay in the game.

Improve your product listings

Your product listings go a long way in keeping your products competitive. Adding exceptional item descriptions and images is an excellent start, but having a lot of product reviews can help potential customers make a confident purchase decision.

FBA Small and Light Key Take-Aways

  • FBA Small and Light allows for deceased shipping costs and the Prime badge on listings with the standard free 3 to 5-day shipping on products that are 10 oz or lower and cost $7 or less. For non-prime members, FBA Small and Light offers free 6 to 8 days shipping.
  • The required size dimensions for FBA Small and Light are 16 × 9 × 4 inches or lower.
  • FBA Small and Light fees: Order handling* $0.80 per order for products priced $5 or less and $1 per order for products priced more than $5 and equal to or lower than $7. Pick and Pack* $0.75 per unit. Weight Handling* $0.11 per oz. Unit + Packaging Weight* Up to 10 oz per unit.
  • To enroll in the FBA Small and Light Program, visit the Amazon FBA Small and Light Service page and enroll. Once that’s done, choose which products you want to fulfill via the program and send them in.

FBA Small and Light Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if the Price of my Enrolled Small and Light Product is Above $7?

As of the 1st of May 2020, Amazon changed all products above $7 or 10oz to the standard FBA and subject to the standard FBA fees.

How Do Customers See my Small and Light Offers?

When a customer searches for applicable products the customer delivery promise will state “Free Delivery by (fulfillment date) for prime members”.

How Can I Disenroll My Offers from FBA Small and Light?

Before disenrolling your offers from FBA Small and Light ensure that you have no inventory in Small and Light. Once that’s confirmed, visit here to disenroll all offers.

Why am I Seeing Promotional Offers for Some of my Offers when I Didn’t Offer One?

Certain Small and Light items priced $5 or less and under the consumable category may be eligible for a 5% discount if your customer purchased 2 or more units of the same product. Amazon covers the cost of the discount and it won’t affect what you’re paid for the product. You need not do anything to be a part of the promotion.

Can I Sell an Item Through FBA Small and Light and Fulfil it Myself?

Absolutely. You can have an FBA Small and Light offer, and a seller-fulfilled offer on the same item.

Can my Current FBA Offers that use Manufacturer Barcodes for Tracking get Enrolled in Small and Light?

If you already have offers that use manufacturer barcodes for tracking then you must create a new seller fulfilled MSKU and enroll the new MSKU in FBA Small and Light. Immediately you’ve enrolled it, Amazon’s system will change your MSKU into a Small and Light offer.

Can I Enroll my Expiration-Dated Products in Small and Light?

Small and Light permits expiration-date products, however, temperature-sensitive products aren’t allowed. The Small and Light program adheres to the standard FBA qualifications for expiration-dated inventory.

Am I Able to Use Small and Light for Items that I Sell on Platforms Other than Amazon?

Unfortunately no, Small and Light can only fulfill orders on Amazon.

How Do I Remove my Inventory from Amazon Small and Light Fulfilment Centers?

You can remove your inventory by creating a removal order in Seller Central like you would for the regular FBA inventory. The removal and disposal fees are the same as the standard FBA removal fees.

Does the Small and Light Program Offer Product Returns?

Yes, if you’re a part of the Small and Light program, Amazon will provide both fulfillment and customer service for your orders, inclusive of customer returns. You can visit the FBA customer returns policy for more information on how FBA Small and Light handle refunds and reimbursements.

Is the Small and Light Program Connected to the Add-on Program?

No, as Small and Light does not require a minimum purchase limit to offer free shipping.


If you’re an experienced seller on Amazon, you know that besides the various programs that assist you to get reviews like Amazon Request a Review Button, or programs like Amazon Influencer Program and Get Amazon Reviews, FBA Small and Light is amongst the most powerful tools that Sellers can take advantage of to boost profits.

Even more epic, Amazon offers quality discounts for certain Small and Light items priced at $5 or less that are under the consumables section. That said, is the FBA Small and Light program worth the hassle? Absolutely, with the numerous perks like having the prime badge on your listings and amplifying your Amazon SEO, it’s certainly worth it.


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