In this module we will be taking a deep dive into the following subjects:

Fundamentals of Amazon content

Live Examples

We will dive deep into several popular categories of products and showcase examples of well crafted listings in each category.

Fundamentals of Amazon content

Types of Content

By observing the best, we will learn about what types of content are possible on Amazon and how you can utilize certain techniques for your own listings.

Fundamentals of Amazon content

The Importance of Consistency

Learn why it is important to craft a listing that is consistent in its look and feel.

Fundamentals of Amazon content


Understand the role of hierarchy in your listing images and how to craft a visual story.

After Finishing this Module

You will be able to:

• Distinguish between a good listing and a bad listing;
• Brainstorm types of content for your own listings;
• Understand the importance of consistency and hierarchy.