In this module we will be taking a deep dive into the following subjects:

Fundamentals of Amazon content

The Power of Video

Learn how adding video can help improve your brand's identity, trust, and even conversions.

Fundamentals of Amazon content

What to Include in Video

Tips and tricks on how to use video to its fullest potential.

Fundamentals of Amazon content

Video Requirements

Learn about the specifications, export formats, and file size requirements for video on Amazon. We will also go over what content you need to avoid in order to get your video published.

Fundamentals of Amazon content

Uploading Video in Vendor and Seller Central

Follow along as we go step-by-step in the process for uploading videos in the backend of Amazon.

After Finishing this Module

You will be able to:

• Upload videos that will increase conversions and build brand trust;
• Properly export videos according to Amazon requirements.